Are you lacking joy and fulfillment in your life?

Do you often find yourself thinking why me?

Or does any of this sound all too familiar?

  • You’re in a job you hate or a relationship that’s draining the life out of you.
  • You find yourself waking up and dreading the alarm or even getting out of bed.
  • Life is a constant struggle and things just never seem to ‘go your way’.
  • You find yourself replaying old memories over and over again.  You cling to what was, all the pain, unhealthy emotions and hurt from past experiences.

Either way the pressure is too much. You know deep down that something has to change. That you can’t go on living like this. The negative thoughts are getting louder and your anxiety is becoming stronger that it is starting to suffocate you. Yet you just don’t know what to do.

If you find yourself nodding your head, this one on one private mentoring program is for you!

I have personally struggled with all of the things and more. At my darkest point, I believed I was nothing. To the core of my being, I felt that I wasn’t even worthy of living.

But I didn’t give up and I found myself a way out of the dark place. I found my way out of the immense pain, the crippling anxiety and self-sabotaging low self-esteem.

Now I want to show you how you can learn to love yourself.  How you can move forward embracing all of who you are with an immoveable sense of self-assurance. You too can discover the illuminating light that resides deep within your heart. Unleashing all of your potential and discovering all of your true self in her infinite, divine beauty!


This powerful program helps you to divulge deeper into your mind identifying your deepest fears and unhealthy emotions finding out where it all began. Opening you up to a healthy, nurturing and loving relationship with your true inner self.

How does it work?

We meet over the telephone or skype for six powerful sessions over a twelve week period. Between  sessions you will be moving forward towards your goals and implementing daily practices to help you change your mindset and your habits allowing you to reduce stress, get to know your inner self and live a life of your design.

We begin with an exploratory coaching session digging deep into your own personal history, past experience and current lifestyle to reveal what isn’t working. I then look at your deepest desires and goals for the 12 weeks together and we start making changes immediately! I understand on a deep level what you need to let go of and what you want and you walk away with a clear action plan that gets results.  This leaves you feeling motivated, inspired and empowered to take action from a deep place of love!

Secret- these sessions are life changing!

Who is it for?

– If you feel disconnected from your true, authentic self

– If you are full of self-judgement and criticism

– If you are willing to cultivate a deep love of self and a nurturing relationship from within

Your Private Mentoring Program includes:

– Six powerful Personal Coaching Session

– Unlimited email support between sessions

– Transformational exercises and worksheets

– Journal manifesto (worth $17.95)

Investment: $660.00 or 3 monthly payments of $220