Are you suffering from panic attacks?

Are you constantly bombarded with overwhelming tasks and endless to do lists?

Do you find it hard to say no?

Are you in a constant state of tension, panic and fear?

WomanKind is a FREE community based group in the Hills District, Sydney created for the highly anxious and stressed out woman looking for a safe haven for self-expression. I have created a loving, compassionate and comfortable space where women can join together in healing their suffering hearts. My intention is for us to come together, supporting each other with love as we share our stories and heal our pains. These meet ups will assist you in connecting to your truest essence with self- love and compassion. It will lead you down the path to unveiling the highest version of yourself. This helps in finding the root problem, becoming aware of the inner terror within every-day situations, healing your past and empowering you with the tools to move forward and conquer the struggles of daily life!

The workshops will cover topics including: self-love, forgiveness, compassion, self-care, present moment awareness, self acceptance, importance of routine, time management.

We are a community based women’s group creating a safe and harmonious environment for authentic and genuine connection.

Woman Kind Community Group 2016 Schedule

The Friendship Room

Castle Hill Wesley Uniting Church

32-34 Showground Road, Castle Hill


Tuesday every second week

8th November: Show up; taking a look at how to recognise triggers and managing daily stresses

22nd November: Response V Reaction; exploring the pause between what happens and our behaviour

6th December: Fear Buster; taking a look at the role of fear in stopping us living the life we truly


20th December: Clarity and Vision; looking at the year past and looking to the year ahead


Contact Elle to reserve your spot.


0430 811 729